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Overwatch Global Strategies

Our name embodies our approach. The term “overwatch” originates in the US military doctrine. Just like an overwatching unit taking advantage position (usually high ground) where it can observe the terrain far ahead and act as a warning system against hostile aggressions and provide effective covering fire for friendly units, Overwatch Global Strategies takes the same approach within the financial services industry. We continuously analyze the financial landscape of all strategies designed for each client to ensure consistent returns, assessing any pending legislative or regulatory changes that can affect a client portfolio, and being the warning system for clients while they are handling the daily routines of their own lives.

Overwatch Global Strategies stands ready to be that barrier to ensure successful portfolio returns and outcomes for every client we serve. Overwatch Global Strategies is based in Hoboken, New Jersey with another office in Newark, and was founded by Caz Craffy.

Through our work with individuals, corporations, and sovereign nations, we have found that finance levels the playing field. When it comes to finance, individuals of all ethnicities, religion, over financial levels require steadfast, honest advice and achievable solutions. Overwatch Global Strategies serves clients on both a national and international geographical space without regard to client gender, religion, political affiliation, or geographical location.

Our team approach adds perspective to all we do and provides increased benefits to our clients.