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Ahmal Marsh

Ahmal Marsh

Chief Marketing Director

Ahmal Marsh is a performance-driven marketing and creative executive, bringing experience in both corporate and start-up environments to his role as Chief Marketing Director/Officer at Overwatch Global Strategies. Running his own agency, he has demonstrated and delivered visionary leadership, strategic expertise, and creative solutions for brands including BMW, KIA, Viacom, Def Jam, Roc Nation, Cult of Individuality, Uptown Magazine, and NY LIFE.

Within his work, Ahmal’s focus is on designing and planning wide scale projects, identifying new opportunities for growth and developing value propositions that reposition brand recognition and increase revenue. His emphasis on large-scale brand marketing and he brings experience developing marketing strategy and measuring impact through data analysis.

Ahmal has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and creative mind,and holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing. With a 360° view of client businesses, his consultative solutions are comprehensive and fresh, combining both financial and marketing perspectives.