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Christopher C. Morgan, MA

Christopher C. Morgan, MA

Strategic Advisor and Notary

Christopher C. Morgan brings a depth of experience in public and private sectors, at the federal and state level across a spectrum of regulatory topics and advanced technical and cybersecurity issues. Overwatch Global Strategies, and our clients, benefit from his strategic experience and previous highly specialized work in risk management, threat assessment, travel logistics, private security, strategic planning, budget planning, corporate communications, intergovernmental relations, and special projects. In the public sector, Christopher worked at the crossroads of the intellectual property (IP) law and technology with the cybercrimes task force.

In the private sector, he worked in public affairs as a legislative advocate, responsible for analyzing federal and state policy including legislation affecting higher education funding, medical liability insurance, and a host of other issues.

At the federal level, Christopher monitored legislative and regulatory trends affecting surgery, directed grassroots political education and training programs, coordinated legislative and media briefings, drafted issue briefs, and advocacy training materials; lobbied members of congress and government agencies. At the state level, he served as the primary staff liaison to the City of Chicago Government Relations Department, Chicago Public Schools Government Affairs Department and 7th Congressional District Advisory Board.

Christopher has experience teaching at the college level as an adjunct instructor at the City Colleges of Chicago, partaking in instructor training at the Illinois State Police Academy, and as class coordinator at the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) in San Salvador, El Salvador. A consummate instructor-professional at the college and academy levels, he sees himself as a scholar-practitioner.

He holds an MA in corporate communications and digital media from DePaul University, and a BS in economics studies, with a concentration in business management, from Northern Illinois University. Currently, he is doctoral student at New Jersey City University in the Strategic Studies