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Terrick Grace, MBA

Terrick Grace, MBA

Chief Operation Officer

In his role as Chief Operation Officer at Overwatch Global Strategies, Terrick Grace handles the day-to-day operations, applying skills gained though 18 years of exceptional military experience serving in the US Army in a variety of positions. His training has taught him how to handle different personalities and bring out the best in each of them.

At Overwatch Global Strategies he works to bring forward best practices and procedures and efficiently manages systems, personnel, and projects to ensure the best outcomes. Maximizing the productivity of the workforce is his specialty and he maintains an eye on both the present and future needs of the company.

Since 2019, it has been his responsibility to ensure that courses are conducted to standard at the New Jersey Army National Guard Regional Training Institute including Career Management, Functional Training, and to make recommendations to the Regimental Strategic plan based on student projections three to four years out.

Terrick’s military education is extensive, and he has a long list of military awards and decorations, in addition to being inducted into the Rowan University Sports Hall of Fame (Football). Terrick holds a Master of Science in Homeland Security from Farleigh Dickenson University, and a BA in Sociology from Rowan University.